In Canary Islands we work intensely every day to ensure you can visit us in maximum conditions os safety, hygiene and quality.

To maintain the archipelago’s low incident rate for the pandemic and guarantee the sustainability os our tourist activity, all visitors over the age of six who are not arriving from Canary Island must present a certificate that is officially recognised by the healthcare authorities to show that they have tested negative for active COVID-19 infection in the past 72 hours.

This certificate will be required to check in this and any other tourist accommodation in the islands. You may show a digital or hand copy of it and it must contain the date and time the test was taken, the identity of the individual taking it, the laboratory responsible for verification and the nature of the laboratory, and the negative result.

This certificate will not be required for non-residents who show proof (in the form of a travel document) that they have been in Canary Island territory for the days prior’s to the date they are checking into this tourist accommodation and they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time.

Canary Islands residents must show proof that they are such and declare, under their own responsibility, that they have not left Canary Island in the days prior to arriving at this establishment and that they have not had any symptoms of COVID-19 during that time. 

This tourist accommodation will deny entry to anyone who does not comply with the above conditions.

PUNTA PARADISO is the ideal choice for those wishing to combine the joys of being just a stone´s throw from the sea AND a few minutes walk from mountainous terrain. For those just wishing to chill out or for the hyperactive.


There is always something going on here at PUNTA PARADISO, located on the northern coast of Tenerife in a quiet fishing village. Our aim is to rewrite the book as far as local leisure time is concerned and PUNTA PARADISO is the perfect starting point to get a different slant on the island that everyone thinks they already know.

Find us here at our contact
address Calle Océano Índico, 7, 38240 Punta del Hidalgo, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

TELÉFONO: 0034 623 028 889